Contributing guidelines

Using the Issue Tracker

The issue tracker is not a forum! This does not mean there is no need for good etiquette, but that you should not post unnecessary information. Each reply will cause a notification to be sent to all of the issue’s participants and some of them might consider it spam.

For minor corrections or additions, try to update your posts rather than writing a new reply. Use strike-through markdown for corrections and put updates at the bottom of your original post.

Please use the reaction button to “vote” on issues rather than commenting “+1” or similar.

Adding Issues

If you have a question, please read the documentation and search the issue tracker. If you still have a question, please consider using the Gitter chat or sending an e-mail to instead of opening an issue.

If you absolutely must open an issue, check that you are using the latest master commit and there is no existing issue that fits your problem (including closed and unresolved issues). Try to reproduce the issue on another machine or ideally on another operating system, if possible.

Please provide as much possibly relevant information as you can. This should at least contain:

  • your operating system and Python version, e.g. as determined by python3 -c 'import platform as p; print("%s\n%s" % (p.python_version(), p.platform()))'
  • the command/s you used
  • what happened
  • what you think should have happened instead (and maybe give a reason)

You might find the --verbose and, to a lesser extent, --debug flags helpful.

Caution: Be sure not to include authorization tokens from the log output in your comments.

Use code block markup for console output, log messages, etc.


There are no real programming guidelines as of yet. Please use function annotations for typing like specified in PEP 3107 and, to stay 3.2-compliant, stringified PEP 484 type hints where appropriate. The limit on line length is 100 characters.

It is a generally a good idea to explicitly announce that you are working on a feature or an issue.

Please squash your commits and add yourself to the contributors list before making a pull request.

Have a look at Github’s general guide how to contribute. It is not necessary to create a feature branch, i.e. you may commit to the master branch.

If you do not know how to contribute, look for issues tagged with “help wanted” and read the TODO list of some of the open tasks.


You might also want to consider making a donation to further the development of acd_cli.