Some module constants may be set in INI-style configuration files. If you want to override the defaults as described below, create a plain text file for the module using the section heading as the file name in the settings directory.


;do not delete corrupt files
keep_corrupt = False

;do not delete partially downloaded files
keep_incomplete = True

;waiting time for timed-out uploads/overwrittes to appear remotely [minutes]
timeout_wait = 10


filename = endpoint_data

;sets the validity of the endpoint URLs, 3 days by default [seconds]
validity_duration = 259200

;sets the read/write chunk size for the local file system [bytes]
fs_chunk_size = 131072

;sets maximal consecutive chunk size for downloads, 500MiB by default [bytes]
;this limit was introduced because, in the past, files >10GiB could not be downloaded in one piece
dl_chunk_size = 524288000

;sets the number of retries for failed chunk requests
chunk_retries = 1

;sets the connect and idle timeout [seconds]
;the idle timeout will be used in both timeout scenarios for some old requests versions
;refer to the requests docs
connection_timeout = 30
idle_timeout = 60

;none by default

A proxy may be set by adding a protocol to proxy mapping like https = https://user:pass@ to the proxies section.


filename = nodes.db

;sets the time to sleep if a table is locked [milliseconds]
busy_timeout = 30000

journal_mode = wal


;files contained in folders in this list will be excluded from being saved
;into the cache (not currently implemented)
folders = []



[fs] ;block size used for size info block_size = 512

[read] ;maximal number of simultaneously opened chunks per file open_chunk_limit = 10

;sets the connection/idle timeout when creating or reading a chunk [seconds] timeout = 5

[write] ;number of buffered chunks in the write queue ;the size of the chunks may vary (e.g. 512B, 4KB, or 128KB) buffer_size = 32

;sets the timeout for putting a chunk into the queue [seconds] timeout = 30