File transfer

acd_cli offers multi-file transfer actions - upload and download - and single-file transfer actions - overwrite, stream and cat.

Multi-file transfers can be done with concurrent connections by specifying the argument -x NUM. If remote folder hierarchies or local directory hierarchies need to be created, this will be done prior to the file transfers.



The upload action will upload files or recursively upload directories. Existing files will not be changed, normally.


acdcli upload /local/path [/local/next_path [...]] /remote/path

If the --overwrite (-o) argument is specified, a remote file will be updated if a) the local file’s modification time is higher or b) the local file’s creation time is higher and the file size is different. The --force (-f) argument can be used to force overwrite.


When uploading large files (>10GiB), a warning about a timeout may be displayed. You then need to wait a few minutes, sync and manually check if the file was uploaded correctly.


The upload action overwrites the content of a remote file with a local file.


acdcli overwrite /local/path /remote/path


The download action can download a single file or recursively download a directory. If a file already exists locally, it will not be overwritten.


acdcli download /remote/path [/local/path]

If the local path is omitted, the destination path will be the current working directory.


This action will upload the standard input stream to a file.


some_process | acdcli stream file_name /remote/path

If the --overwrite (-o) argument is specified, the remote file will be overwritten if it exists.


This action outputs the content of a file to standard output.



Incomplete file downloads will be resumed automatically. Aborted file uploads are not resumable at the moment.

Folder or directory hierarchies that were created for a transfer do not need to be recreated when resuming a transfer.


Failed upload, download and overwrite actions allow retries on error by specifying the --max-retries|-r argument, e.g. acd_cli <ACTION> -r MAX_RETRIES.


Files may be excluded from upload or download by regex on their name or by file ending. Additionally, paths can be excluded from upload. Regexes and file endings are case-insensitive.

It is possible to specify multiple exclusion arguments of the same kind.

Remove Source Files

The --remove-source-files|-rsf flag is used, local files will be deleted from the filesystem

  1. if the upload succeeds
  2. if deduplication is enabled and at least one duplicate is found
  3. if a file of the same name is present in the remote upload path but the file is not to be overwritten (deletion then only occurs if the file sizes match)


Server-side deduplication prevents completely uploaded files from being saved as a node if another file with the same MD5 checksum already exists. acd_cli can prevent uploading duplicates by checking local files’ sizes and MD5s. Empty files are never regarded duplicates.

Progress indicator

To suppress the progress indicator from being displayed on standard output, use the --quiet flag.