Thanks to

  • chrisidefix for adding the find-md5 action and forcing me to create a proper package and use PyPI
  • msh100 for adding proxy documentation and updating the oauth scope
  • hansendc for revamping the usage report
  • legnaleurc for adding the find-regex action
  • Timdawson264 for fixing st_nlinks in the FUSE node stat
  • Lorentz83 for creating a bash completion script
  • kylemanna for adding a systemd service file
  • calisro for adding uid, gid, umask overrides for fuse layer
  • memoz for amending proxy documentation
  • gerph for making file searches faster, particularly on large repositories

Also thanks to

  • fibersnet for pointing out a possible deadlock in ACDFuse.
  • and everyone else who I forgot to mention